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Disney Heroes vs Villains Mystery Mini Vinyl Figures


There’s only two types of characters in the Disney universe… heroes and villains!

Think about every Disney movie you’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing. There’s always two central characters that are imperative to the plot of the movie. One is always the character that you’re rooting for and the other is always the one that you are rooting against. Well, typically. Some Disney viewers could root for the villain if they really wanted to, that’s why this mystery box by Funko is so awesome! You don’t know if you’ll get a villain or a hero until you peek inside, so cross your fingers and hope it’s the one that you want!

You will receive 1 of 12 figures inside this small blue box and you won’t know which one until you open it and look inside. You could get Jasmine or you could get the evil Captain Hook, the only thing that is certain is that you’ll be surprised!

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