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Dragon Ball Z Over 9000 Men’s T-Shirt


What number do you use to judge how well you’re doing in life. We used to think 100 was pretty good. If you get 100% on a test you ace it. Benjamin Franklin is on the hundred dollar bill and he seems pretty successful. 750 means you have a pretty good credit score. Maybe 750 is the right number? We’re here to tell you that you can reach higher than that. We heard Goku’s doing pretty good in life. He just hit over 9000. That’s right, over 9000! Vegeta’s scouter confirmed it. After hearing about that, we just think there’s no other way to live life than to strive for over 9000.

This Dragon Ball Z Over 9000 T-shirt proudly proclaims to the world that you’re the type of person who doesn’t settle anything less that extraordinary. It features Goku, Akira Toriyama’s signature hero from the anime series, on the front. And guess what? He’s going all Kiao-ken mode to whoop some butt. If that image doesn’t inspire you to live life to the max, we’re not quite sure what will!

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