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Iron Man Snow Pants


Snow Pants Make the (Iron) Man

If Iron Man went into battle with only half of his suit, he’d be vulnerable to the dangerous elements all around him. Okay, maybe you’re not fighting super powered villains like Tony Stark, but tackling the slopes without snow pants is sure to leave your legs susceptible to dangerous conditions that should make any normal man shiver. That’s exactly why we designed these specially designed Iron Man snow pants or adults. When paired with our coordinating ski jacket (sold separately), this winter apparel set will give you a protective “armor” suit for tackling the toughest weather winter could throw at you.

A treated water resistant finish means you’ll be able to take on the snow for hours, and with the signature armor print, you might just have the courage to take on a few villains while you’re out there (or just build a snowman or two). You can use the removable buckle suspenders to keep them in position, or weave your favorite belt through the belt loops to accessorize the elastic waistline. With adjustable cuffs and zippered vents at the ankle, you’ll be ready to stay comfortable in the snow all day long.

We can assure you that we made these snow pants right here at FUN.com, but the look is so authentic others might be convinced they came straight from Stark Laboratories. While we appreciate any and all shout-outs, we don’t mind if you tell people that the set is on loan from billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark himself. It’ll be our little secret.

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