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Kids Batman Suit (Secret Identity)


Bruce Wayne’s OTHER Batsuit.

Bruce Wayne made an oath to protect Gotham City from all forms of villainy at a young age, while upholding his prestigious family name. As both the head of Wayne Enterprises and the protector of the innocent, the young entrepreneur needs an outfit that subtly acts as a constant reminder of his oath while allowing him to attending formal events as CEO. This time he doesn’t even need Lucius Fox, because we already invented a suit that combines both heroic ideal and cool sophistication in one eye-catching ensemble.

This exclusive Secret Identity Batman suit for kids harnesses a suave exterior fit for Bruce Wayne, but within a unique flair of his alter ego awaits just out of sight. The black exterior hides the bright yellow satin interior super hero design on the jacket, which features repeating Batman cowls and symbols throughout. A matching yellow pocket square and neck tie brings a daring pop of color to the jacket. Stylized Bat symbol buttons adorn the sleeves, while a matching embroidered symbol embellishes each wrist.

To his friends and guests, the suit looks like that of the genteel child billionaire, but to those with a keen eye the subtle details let them know that he is Gotham City’s Dark Knight.

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