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Marvel Comic Print Overcoat (Secret Identity)


The Winter Soldier

Every winter, the deep chill of the north blows through crowded city streets, and whether you’re on your way to work, or you’re going out with friends, or you’re out on a date… you know full well that life isn’t going to wait for warmer weather. You have to soldier on, do what you need to do; you’re not going to stop your progress, or let your style suffer because of the season. And you should never, ever have to sacrifice your passions in place of a sophisticated look.

This specially designed secret identity Marvel comic print overcoat is made of a thick, brushed black wool blend that keeps you protected from the harshest of climates, while the polyester comic print lining keeps your fandom close to the chest. The exterior looks incredibly debonair, while the interior, allover collage print of vintage Avengers comic strips stays covertly hidden while you go about your work. You get to choose when, and if, you unfasten the three front buttons to show off the excelsior world within. When it’s cold, you’re undercover, and when the sun comes out, so do Earth’s mightiest heroes.

Signature details like front flap pockets, a notched lapel, and a single vent in the back make this a Stark style upgrade. After all, you still love all those stories about armored billionaires, super soldiers, and gamma infused scientists, but you also love being a man in the real world, taking care of the everyday. Now you’ve found a coat that lets you express both sides of yourself, all at once.

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