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Star Trek TNG Employee Of Month Men’s T-Shirt


What does it take to be the employee of the month on the USS Enterprise? Effortlessly beaming your fellow crew-members from ship to shore without incident? Assisting Dr. Crusher with the most professional medical assistance? Perfectly blending synthehol drinks in Ten Forward under the watchful eye of Guinan?

We’d like to posit one more requisite for becoming the Employee of the Month of Captain Picard’s crew. (Hint: when your boss already calls you “Number One”, there was never really any competition!) Yup, Commander William T. Riker is basically the employee of the month–every month–on the Enterprise. And with that beard, swagger, and chair tackling deftness, we can’t say we’re really all that surprised! If you’d like to show off that you’re a fan of “Number One” make sure you have this Star Trek t-shirt in your collection. All cotton, it’s graphic printed with Will Riker’s likeness in a humorous framed Employee of the Month portrait. And that means it’s the perfect way to let everyone know you’re a serious TNG fan!

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