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Star Wars the Droids 14oz Ceramic Mug


Do your co-workers constantly get angry at you for pouring coffee straight from the coffee pot, directly into your mouth? Do you spill water all over your face when you try to drink water from a faucet? Do all of your cookies and donuts go “un-dunked.” Well, no more! Now, with this revolutionary new invention from the Star Wars universe, you will no longer have to suffer any of those common, everyday problems. It’s call, mug.

That’s right! This revolutionary invention, called mug, is a great way for you to store coffee, water, tea or milk. It brings you the popular droids from the movies, like C-3PO, R2-D2 and BB-8 on the side and features a 14 oz. capacity. That means you can bring it to the coffee pot at work, fill it up, then leave. It’s perfect for collectors, or for anyone who likes imbibing potable liquids (which is everyone).

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