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Toy Story Pizza Planet Sublimated T-Shirt


Who is your favorite Toy Story character? Sure, Woody is funny and Buzz Lightyear is cool but our favorite characters has got to be the squeaky little green men from Pizza Planet. First of all, they love pizza which is awesome. Second of all, they have the funniest little martian voices and we love when they say, “ooooh the claw!” If you’ve always wished that you could own a tiny alien from the claw machine in Pizza Planet, then this t-shirt is perfect for you!

This cotton/polyester shirt has a sublimated image of the humorous green aliens from Toy Story. Although they didn’t have a big role in Toy Story, their role was memorable because they’re all so cute and silly. They are all featured on this shirt looking out as if they were staring at their deity, waiting to be chosen to go to a better place. Another plus of having these little green martians on your tee is they will protect you from Sid, the evil brace-face kid who loves torturing toys. You’ll love having the Toy Story aliens with you wherever you go!

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